Private Label

We have a factory, you have a retailing brand. So why don't we co-operate for a mutual development? We can be your trustworthy wing on your flights. We are willing to take care of your brand packaging designs and styles. 

What you have to do is to give us a clear guidance to your and your customers' expectations about the product appearance – what goes in it, how it's packaged, what the label looks like.

We are able to offer:

  • Consult & Purchase packaging materials
  • Design and style label and package
  • Print or label

Our sales & marketing team are ready to go grow your own brand based on your own preferences.

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You are care-free of inventory management or fulfillment logistics. We are here for you and happy to share this burdens with you. Products are directly  shipped to your customer with care and punctuality. Hence, you are able to minimize risks and maximize your profits with the lowest cost.

Our tasks are including but not limited to:

  • Produce products
  • Label products as your bands
  • Package products when customers place orders
  • Ship the products to your customers
  • Provide shipment tracking
  • Handle return items

We are ready to go deliver goods to your customers on your behalf and accompany you in your business development.

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