Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

We hope to bring transparency in our business policies to all of our customers to lure doubts away. Therefore, w e appreciate all questions for mutual understandings as a firm foundation of trust. 

Here you will find:

The Seller shall not:

  1. Publicize the Buyer' information for commercial purposes on any kinds of marketing channels officially owned by the Seller without a formal consent from the Buyer.

  2. Publicize transaction-related documents on any kinds of marketing channels officially owned by the Seller without a formal consent from the Buyer.

  3. Promote customized products for commercial purposes on any kinds of marketing channels officially owned by the Seller without a formal consent from the Buyer.

As per the Buyer's request for product samples, it's the Seller's duty to fulfill that request. 

  • For sample order weighted below 500 gram, samples will be sent free of charge. The delivery fee is on the Buyer.
  • For sample order weighted more than 500 gram, the Buyer will have to pay for both sample price and delivery fee.

The Buyer can either handle delivery on their own or choose the Seller's service based on their preference. 

If the Buyer chooses to use the Seller's service, delivery fee and delivery-related fee will be included in the quotation for the Buyer's confirmation. Once the Buyer's payment is well-received and verified, the Seller shall get samples ready for pick-up within either 2-3 business days (for standardized products) or 5-7 business days (for privately-labeled products).

  1. Payment method: the Seller accept Paypal, Western Union*, Bank transfer and L/C 100% at sight only.**
  2. Payment Process: After Proforma Invoice or Sales Contract is signed by both parties, the Buyer shall pay in advance a certain portion of total contract amount as negotiated. The remaining amount will be paid later based on Incoterm 2010 transaction rules.***
  3. Notice: Payment shall be paid on time with accuracy in terms of amount. Late payment clause will be applied in the Proforma Invoice or Sales Contract unless a force Majeure occurs.

* Paypal and Western Union is only applicable for total order value $500 or less.

**  L/C 100% at sight is applicable by cases. All terms and conditions on the draft L/C must be approved by both parties before an official L/C is issued. If the Buyer open an official L/C without the Seller's confirmation, the Seller shall not have any obligations to fulfill their liabilities in this official L/C.

*** Not applicable for L/C transactions.

Delivery Policy

Delivery service is optional. Once the Buyer confirmed in written documents to use our delivery service, the Buyer shall follow our rules and Incoterm 2010 rules.

Here are our main delivery methods, including but not limited to: air freight, sea freight and cross-border transportation by bus*.

* Cross-border transportation by bus is only applicable for sampling or small order under 50kgs delivered to Southest Asian countries such as Laos, Campuchia, Myanmar (Contact us for more information)

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products. 

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